Noise and Flight paths

STAQS recognises that all airport operations will result in negative noise impacts but campaigns to ensure that flight path routes are equitable and fair and do not cause a significant detriment to any particular communities.


The Match-Detling flight path taken by departing aircraft is the one that predominantly affects residents represented by STAQS. This flight path routes over St Albans, Marshalswick, Jersey Farm and Sandridge. The prevailing Westerly wind means that aircraft fly this route approximately 75-85% of the time. RNAV technology enables departing aircraft to use computers to fly the aircraft and to track along a much narrower band which concentrates the noise, causing a significant detriment to the quality of life of those communities that are directly overflown.


The number of airports located in the South East means that airspace has become heavily congested with the result that aircraft departing Luton are held at a lower altitude for longer, which also makes the noise problem much worse.


If you would like more in depth information about aircraft noise and how it is measured, our colleagues at LADACAN have more detailed information on their website. Please click below.